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If you want to support this blog,
then please consider making a donation here
It takes time to write tutorials that aren't just notes for oneself,
I usually do my best to describe both the steps involved and to explain why I'm doing things
that way so you can both replicate the methods and learn a things or two,
I'm also using only free software so you can just download everything you need and learn,
sometimes it really takes up a lot of time to do this and so any donation is really welcome.
you know coders run on coffee and hacks hardware so more donations = more coffe and more hardware to play with, resulting in more interesting and detailed tutorials!
Currently I'm rasing funds to buy more amlogic-board based tablets (AML8726-M, M3 and so on) and wifi cards to further improve development of wireless tools on arm devices so any money you donate will contribute to buy this kind of hardware.
thank you :)

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