giovedì 23 aprile 2009

wiimote software

A collection of tools used to connect and program the wiimote on the pc

WiinRemote a program that let you use the wiimote as a mouse,
it can also be customized to map wiimote buttons to keyboard keys.
it supports both motion and IR sensor

GlovePIE Glove Programmable Input Emulator, this tool is able to connect the wiimote and it is also scriptable, you can make your own scripts with little to no effort, it is also used as a generic "routing" between input devices, for example you can map joystick buttons to keyboard and viceversa

Toshiba Bluetooth stack This bluetooth stack is compatible with Wiimote. please note that unless you have a toshiba notebook, it will run only for a limited time

Bluesoleil Bluetooth stack
This bluetooth stack is compatible with Wiimote, note that the demo version only allows some amount of data to be transferred between the wiimote and pc

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