venerdì 15 febbraio 2013

Höllenmaschine-ein (Prusa i3)

Dear pcmote readers,
I present to you Höllenmaschine-ein.
aka my first RepRap.
Building this thing was one of the most fun things I've ever done. It took me three days mostly due to some missing pieces and consequent trips to the hardware store,
I think that it would take a full day to build it being alone and having the right equipment right away.
It already prints fine with just a bit of fine tuning but if you've read some of my previous posts you know I won't stop until I get the max out of it.
While I was building it I outlined some pieces I really wanted to modify so the next thing I'm going to do is firing up my trusty blender and start modeling parts for this baby. of course everything will be shared with you all, here on pcmote and on thingiverse so.. as always, stay tuned! ;)

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